Saturday, October 10, 2009


Thank you very much for your orders and support emails! And thank you very much also to all who follow the blog!
Muchas gracias a todos por vuestro apoyo! Y gracias también a todos los que seguís el blog!


justdoodleit said...

Gotta like your style, you make even boring stuff look nice :)

fashion fucsia said...

Wooow! thanks Justdoodleit, Last days I have been away from the computer and I have seen your comment now. I apreciate your words, specially today that I have a "grey day".

Unknown said... de cosas preciosas que has hecho desde que no paso por aquí, haces unas ilustraciones preciosas. Un saludo.

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

heh there, i've sort of promoted ur blog in my blog.. do pay a visit and drop me a msg, so i know u were there..

take care n i'll keep visit ur blog..


fashion fucsia said...

Pepi: Muchas graciaaaas! Un beso!

Kimmy: Thank you, visit me always you want! Take care, too.



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