Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh Rupert! So elegant!... Where are you?

Ha ha!! For people that doesn't know him: Rupert is a free bird. He loves cinema and he can't resist to visit this glamorous Film Festival.


Have a great day Rupert!



nere said...

lovely Ruppert!!! I'm your fan!!

Claire said...

Ha ha!! I love Rupert! ;)

Sky said...

I love Rupert too! :>
Hope one day he is going to sew something :)

fashion fucsia said...

Nere, Claire and Sky: Really thaaaaanks for your comments!!

Anonymous said...

Rupert es monĂ­simo!!!!!Soy su fan nĂºmero 1. :)
Natalia Garbe

fashion fucsia said...

Ay gracias Natalia! Un beso muy fuerte!


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