Wednesday, July 13, 2011

L'oreal New Face: Hugh Laurie!!

Omg! I'm a Dr. House fan (I told you here) and today I'm reading that he is the new face of L'Oreal Paris Men and will appear in international ads for the brand.

Hahaha! great election! View this video with him at a photo shoot (he is 100% House).


Have a great day/evening!


[P.S. I don't like very much this promotional photo, too many photoshop?]


nere said...

yes! it has too many photoshop!! I heard him at the radio, singing with a piano, and it's really good!! you must heard him!!

fashion fucsia said...

Hi Nere! one month ago (approx) I read he had a CD singing and playing piano, but I haven't hear him!! Omg! I need to hear him now!!

Have a great day! and thanks to remember me this!!


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